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Extended Submission Deadline: March 15, 2024

Preparing Your Submissions

Maximize your product's chances of winning by following some of our entry guidelines and advice.

Example of a good submission

Winner in the Access Control: Commercial Access category
HID Global: HID Mobile Access

Describe your Product’s design and/or technological innovation.

HID Mobile Access®, powered by Seos®, is a convenient and secure solution for opening doors using smartphones, wearables and tablets. Supporting NFC and Bluetooth Smart, HID Mobile Access works with iPhones and Android-based devices without additional accessories. Just tap a smart phone or smart watch to a door reader/lock, or access doors and gates from a distance with HID’s “Twist and Go” gesture technology.

HID Mobile Access includes Mobile IDs, Mobile Apps, iCLASS SE readers, and the HID Mobile Access Portal for provisioning and revoking Mobile IDs. The intuitive cloud-based portal enables single entry or batch upload to onboard end-users for increased operational efficiencies, and secure identities are managed wirelessly through the phone, with end-to-end encryption.

In addition to new support for wearables (Apple Watch and Android Wear), the latest enhancements to HID Mobile Access also include new Mobile Access Portal and App Software Development Toolkits (SDKs) that empower partners and developers to integrate HID Mobile Access into their products and services. From third-party readers, locks, PACS consoles, to multi-function printers and time & attendance terminals, the SDKs open new opportunities for partners and end-user organizations to secure more applications that connect the enterprise than ever before.

Describe the three most important functional features of this product. What sets it apart from other products in this category?

More Choice: Makes the freedom to move access control to smart devices a matter of integrator choice and end-user preference; choose the right mix of devices, platforms, communications protocols, operating systems, and use cases.

More Applications: Portal/App SDKs enable partners to offer a broader range of solutions. Based on Seos, HID‘s breakthrough credential technology, it also enables more than one secure identity to reside in a smart device for true convergence.

More Confidence: Seos delivers unprecedented security and privacy protection of identity data. Standards include AES-128 data encryption, Secure Hash Standard (SHA), and Secure Messaging / Authentication), for state-of-the-art cryptography.

Describe the benefits that your product provides to the integrator, including value if applicable.

SDKs also enable partners to design and automate the process for mobile access enrollment and identity issuance to be aligned with their objectives. In addition, the user interface can be fully customized to deliver the experience and branding desired. For successful partner integrations, HID Global also provides the Technology Partner Service (TPS), an onboarding and certification service to facilitate seamless integration of App/Portal SDKs.

This service is designed to assist partners seeking to integrate HID into their solution offerings. TPS engagement starts with an evaluation of integration requirements and provides assistance to support and validate integration efforts until service launch.

Please provide a promotional description to be used in print and online entry listings.

HID Mobile Access® makes it possible to open doors using smartphones, wearables and tablets. Supporting NFC and Bluetooth Smart, it works with Apple® and Android® devices without additional accessories. Just tap mobile devices to readers/locks, or access doors and gates from a distance with HID’s “Twist and Go” gesture technology.

The entry also included two product photos, the logo and a spec sheet.